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Stylist Design Team
Hair Art Studio & Co. started with a single vision-to make our clients feel like themselves. Owner & Stylist Jennifer Yoachum has 24 years of experience working in the beauty industry. Through her years of experience, she has structured Hair Art Studio & Co. to be a relaxing place where everyone can come in, feel comfortable and get exactly what they desire. Visit us at our new Location. Well be waiting!  

Jennifer Yoachum 19 years as a stylist and proud owner of Hair Art Studio & Co. In Camdenton Mo.
Name: Jennifer Yoachum
Job position: Owner/ Head Master Stylist, Certified Aqua hand tied hair extension artist. 
Awarded the Lake Lifestyles Best of the Lake award for best hair stylist.
Hometown: Camdenton Mo.
Favorite quote: LOVE, LIGHT & JOY.
Deciding moment: (why you wanted to enter this profession) I have always loved to play with hair. After so many other salons and hair dressers had let me down, I felt that I had enough. So I decided to become a stylist with the intent that I would give my clients what they wanted, as I had wanted for myself all of those many bad hair cuts ago!!!!  
Best haircut style: Great long layers with lots of movement shows   off any styled cut!! Put some love in that hair!!!!
 Additional Training: Redken Colorist. SurfaceEducator, Goldwell colorist  
 Other hobbies: love to dance, working out at Anytime Fitness,
 cooking, Family and our pet's
 Favorite product: Redken color, Goldwell, kerasilk, kms and owner and creator of Hair addiction hair products
 Favorite styling tool: I love my big flat iron I can do almost any                               thing I want with it. It's the best !!!
 Motto to work by: If you BUILD it they will come!!!!! GOT to
                                                                                      LOVE IT!!
                                                                                      Top suggestions for manageable hair/nails: Use good products
                                                                                       for your hair, give it some love and try not to over do it!!!

Hair Art Studio  -hair art studio & co. lake of the ozarks camdenton Mo. 65020 , nicholeName: Nicole Wallander
Job position: Front Desk Manager/ apprentice
Hometown: Independence mo
Favorite Quote: You can close your eyes from the things you don't want to see but you cant close your heart on the things you don't want to feel.
Additional Training: Certified Aqua hand tied hair extensions, Goldwell color  
Deciding Moment:My best girl worked here. And I love it and all the girls too.
Best haircut styles: layered
Other hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends.
Favorite Product: KMS leave in condtioner
Favorite Styling tool: flat iron
 Motto to work by: Keep smiling
Top suggestions for manageable hair/nails: See your stylist often
 Favorite product: KMS Blow dry spray

Hair Art Studio-heather, hair art studio & co. lake of the ozarks camdenton Mo. 65020
Name: Heather Plewa
Job position: Design team member 
Hometown: Versailles Mo
Favorite quote: The higher the hair the closer to heaven
Deciding moment: (why you knew you wanted to enter this profession)
Ever since I was a little girl I would do my whole family's hair and make up.
Additional training: Certified Aqua hand tied hair extensions Goldwell color training. Surface training
Best Haircut styles: anything new and trending and classic
Other hobbies: Spending time with my family
Favorite product: Surface Push powder & Awaken hair spray.
Favorite styling tool: BaByliss 1 1/2 curling iron
Motto to work by: Always do more than your best!
Top suggestions for manageable hair/nails: See your stylist regularly

1920991 855824894427987 4111530366939237135 o Name: Christina Nunes
 Job position: Esthetician 
Hometown: San Diego, Ca
Deciding moment: Making others feel beautiful and relaxed.
Best skin care products: Cleanser,  Moisturizer and SUNBLOCK
Other hobbies: Snowboarding, Travel, weight training
Favorite product: Skin Script Rx
Favorite tool: Blackhead extractor, Dermafile, High frequency wand
Motto to work by: Love what you do!
Top suggestions for beautiful skin: A great home care regimen and Monthly Facials.
Stay hydrated and always use SPF



Jennifer Oconnell stylist
Name: Jennifer O'Connell
Job position: Design team member
Hometown: Lake Ozark, Mo
Deciding moment: When my parents became a foster group home for neglected children and I started doing their hair.
Best hair care products: HAS Healthy Hair
Other hobbies: Family, Canoeing, Boating, DIY Crafts
Favorite product: HAS Tease Powder and Lift
Favorite tool: Straightening Iron
Motto to work by: "Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed" -- Corita Kent
Top suggestions for manageable hair/nails: See your hairstylist at least 4 to 6 weeks to keep hair/nails healthy and modern.

Tanya Lohmann Nail tech
Name: Tanya Lohman
Job Position: Master Nail Designer
Hometown: Odessa Missouri
Deciding moment: I had always worked customer service and cash handling jobs at various banks and retail stores. When my husband and I moved to the lake for his job, he actually suggested that I learn to do nails so i could do my own and save him some money because I would go every two weeks to get mine done.
Best Nail care products: OPI Avo juice hand and body lotion & CND Solar Nail and cuticle oil
Other hobbies: Spending time with my husband and boys including swimming, fishing, canoeing and going on vacations.
Favorite products: CND retention plus liquid and powder acrylic CND shellac power polish.
Favorite Tool: CND Led lamp & medicool turbo file
Motto to work by: Stand strong , Believe in yourself & always chase your dreams
Top suggestion for manageable nails: See your nail professional regularly. Use nail & cuticle oil daily. Dont pick or bite your nails.

Becky Latham NA/LMT offering massages
Name: Becky Latham
Job Position: MA/ LMT
Hometown: Camdenton Mo
Deciding moment: I was working as a nurse and I wasent getting any time with my child so I  stayed at home with her and attended  massage school. After my second child was born I decided to do massage to be able to stay in the medical field.
Best massage products: My hands
Other hobbies: Spending time with my family
Motto to work by: Pain dosent have a time frame so I always make myself available.

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Name: Jessie James
Job Position: Stylist
Deciding moment:
Additional training: Keratin complex treatments hotheads hair extensions certified Aqua hand tied hair extensions 
Best hair care products
other hobbies:
Favorite tool:
Motto to work by:
Top suggestion for manageable hair: 

Name: Kristen Bauer
Job Position: Seasonal Stylist
Deciding moment:
Best hair care products
other hobbies:
Favorite tool:
Motto to work by:
Top suggestion for manageable hair: 

Screenshot 20200804-124913 Instagram
Name: Tami Wehmeyer
Job Position: Manicurist 
Hometown: Camdenton mo
Deciding moment: When I was little i did everyone's nails
Best nail care products: seche vite 
other hobbies: running working out doing puzzles and crafts
Favorite tool: Pterygium stone
Motto to work by: Life is not perfect, but your nails can be.
Top suggestion for manageable nails: Regular manicures and pedicures